Sometimes you will notice that you don’t have anything good to watch on TV. When this happens, you resort to the internet for more variety and options when it comes to shows or movies. But then again, watching videos on your computer monitory may not deliver the same quality of viewing experience as compared to viewing them on your big television screen. One way to remedy this is to answer the question “where can I watch TV shows online for free”, and then to find ways by which you can view them on your TV.

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The first thing you have to do is to connect your computer to a TV screen. In order to do this, you need to have a video cable. Most computers have an S-video port that can be connected to the S-video input of your TV screen using a very cheap S-video cable with around four to seven pins. You need to figure out what kind of output connections your computer has, and then buy a cable for one of those that will also attach to your television.

But apart from the larger screen, what are the other advantages of watching online TV shows on your television? Well, for one, networking your computer and television provides the most convenient sharing of multimedia images. It does not require connecting a digital camcorder or camera to the TV, plus you can make the necessary connections with the use of Windows, Mac, or Linux computers. Moreover, if you have Media Center Extender or anything else with a similar capability, you can direct content from any home computer to the television.

There are, however, challenges and limitations too. The first example is that using AV cables may require you to relocate your laptop or your computer very close to the television to reach. Another is that the screen resolution of older televisions may be so much lower than modern computer displays, causing your images and video to appear with lower quality when shown on the television screen.

If you choose to use a wireless connection, the disadvantage is that the effective range may be relatively short depending on the equipment in use due to the high volume of date involved in digital media. Lastly, hardware, which may be expensive to purchase, is needed especially for the more advanced wireless gear.

You see, answering the question “where can I watch TV shows online for free” may not always be that easy. There are indeed some sites that offer free viewing, but if you want to have a nice viewing experience on your TV, then you have to look for ways by which you can connect your PC to your TV.

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